Areas of Teaching Expertise

History of Modern Science, Technology, Medicine; History of British Empire; History of Evolution; History of Deep Time; History of Archaeology and Anthropology; Science and Religion; Everything through a global, transnational, and postcolonial lens


YORK UNIVERSITY, Toronto, Canada

Course Director, Department of Humanities

Global Circulation of Knowledge (4th year seminar course, 2021-22)

Science and Religion (3rd year seminar course, 2021-22)

Co-Course Director (with B. Lightman and K. Anderson), Department of Humanities

Darwin, Einstein, and the Humanities (first-year undergrad course, 2020-21)


Co-Instructor (with S. Van Damme and G. Casale), Department of History and Civilization

Encountering Science, Knowledge and Nature in an Early Modern World (PhD seminar, winter 2019)

UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Undergraduate Supervisor, Department of History and Philosophy of Science

History of Anthropology (Fall 2018)

The Mind of Primitive Man (Winter 2018)

History of Science, Medicine and Technology since 1800 (Winter 2018)

Empire, Nature and Race (Fall 2017)

Science and Empire (Winter 2017)

History of Evolution (Fall 2016)